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3HGR Takedown, QD

The 3HGR Takedown is an excellent gun sling which has a few extra features that make it perfect for hunting from a tree stand or tower. When you’re not using your sling for carrying, you can tighten it against the stock. When tightened, the sling will not tangle or cause any noise during the most important moments of your hunt. In addition, the 3HGR Takedown will take up less space in your gun safe and gun case. The sling is equipped with QD push button sling swivels, and the shoulder padding provides extra grip and carrying comfort. When you want your gun to stay safely on your back, when climbing up into a tree stand or tower for example, you can tighten the sling against your back. The same mechanism can be used for adjusting the sling length.

  • Operating temperature: -40 - +60 C
  • Chemical resistant
  • 12kk month guarantee
  • Tool free installation
  • Made in Finland
Price: 52,34€
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