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3HGR AKOR with HK-hooks

The quick adjustable 3HGR Akor AR-sling is made of the same high-quality Finnish made PES-webbing as our other products and has a reduced IR-signature. The plastic parts are made in Finland with our own tools. The shoulder padding is covered with extremely durable Cordura fabric. The use of 3HGR Akor is simple. Both extending the length and tightening the sling can be done from the same tap, which can be easily found even in dark conditions and with gloves on. With HK-hooks you can quickly turn Akor from a 2-point sling into a 1-point sling and vice versa.

  • Operating temperature: -40 - +60 C
  • Chemical resistant
  • 12kk month guarantee
  • Tool free installation
  • Made in Finland
Price: 44,28€
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