Please always follow the rules for firearm safety! Before attaching the gun rest, make sure the gun is unloaded. Check the attachment of the gun sling and gun rest regularly!

Set-up and use

3HGR requires no tools to use it! 3HGR’s composite body is attached to your firearm by the sling swivel stud found on most standard weapons. To conform to other arms, there is a set of adapters (e.g. Harris) to make it possible to draw even with picatinny or UIT rails.

3HGR also works perfectly with most bipod models.

3HGR:n asennusohje
  1. Attach the bumper tapes (2x) to adjust the body against your gunstock in the best possible way
  2. Place the adapter on the sling swivel stud
  3. Push the pin through the hole formed by the adapter and the sling swivel stud
  4. Place the body against the stock
  5. Tighten with the adapter nut


Detach the body of the gun rest and clean the space between the body and the gunstock regularly. Otherwise, The product is basically maintenance-free.

Using the gun rest

Place your firearm against the tree and wrap the support belt around the tree with your supporting hand. There is no need to change the place of the buckle when using the “belt reserve” with thicker trees.

3HGR ampumatuen kiinnitys
3HGR ampumatuen kiinnitys

Vinkki: Tukihihna on suunniteltu siten, ettei lukon paikkaa tarvitse muuttaa käytettäessä "hihnareserviä" paksumpien puiden kohdalla - solkilukko kääntyy aina puunrungon ulkopuolelle tukihihnan myötäisesti.



Place your elbows on your knees and hold the buttstock with your left palm when shooting in a sitting position.


The reverse kneeling position


Lean your arm against the tree when shooting from a standing position


Prone position


”Trees or other vertical structures are not the only ways to support a firearm. It’s possible to stabilize your firearm using the loop between the support strap and the gun sling as support for your arm. This feature is available also in the 3HGR Light Harness”

Safety Sling


When used as a safety sling, 3HGR will keep your gun securely on your back in all situations.

Shoulder Harness


You can adjust the sling/harness to fit your body by adjusting the length of the gun sling and by adjusting the buckles located on the strap and the gun sling.