What firearms work with 3HGR?

3HGR is intended mainly for rifles. 3HGR can be attached to a standard sling swivel stud. Also, it’s possible to buy adapters for UIT and picatinny rails. It’s also possible to retrofit the sling swivel stud. If you have any questions about the compatibility of 3HGR with your firearm, please contact us!

Will 3HGR help me to hit my target?

We tested a number of different targets at gunpoint, and 3HGR helped to balance the alignment. In addition, 3HGR made the gun is easier to aim in off-road conditions.

Does 3HGR cause damage to the firearm?

Both the prototypes and final products were tested many thousands of times. There was never any damage to any of the firearms.

How durable is 3HGR?

The structural stability of the support’s body and its materials make it extremely durable. Both the prototype and the final product have been tested with the .375 H & H caliber rifle.

What is the maximum diameter of the vertical objects that can be used with 3HGR?

Ideally, the diameter of the vertical object, such as a tree or pole, is about 10-20 cm. This diameter is ideal due lower friction that makes it easy to change the target and move the firearm. However, the maximum diameter of the object is about 30 cm. If there is only a very thin object, the support can be wrapped around the object more than once.

Can 3HGR be used with other shooting aids?

3HGR's base mimics the base of a normal gunstock. In addition, there is a standard sling swivel stud on the bottom of the gun rest. You are able to install or add other supporting gear as you wish, such as bipods.

Does the wind affect the use of 3HGR?

Hard winds can cause treetops to move quite a lot. However, this movement is not transmitted to the lower parts of the trunks where 3HGR is supposed to be fastened.

Can 3HGR’s parts be replaced?

The product has a modular build and each component can be replaced when desired. If a component breaks or you are not entirely happy with it, we will send you a replacement part. Feel free to contact our Customer Service department – we’re here to help!