About us

Treaper Ltd

Treaper Oy / Ltd is a family-owned company operating in North Karelia in eastern Finland. Our products utilize a quality manufacturing processes and a high level of technology as seen in our selection of materials. We believe that there are great ideas from both the workshops and the forests that have not been developed or commercialized into products. We also seek to promote local activities that can benefit our situation and the entire region.

While in the forest in the autumn of 2011, I found myself thinking about how tree trunks could help me to shoot from a seated position as well as with a higher angle. The image of a product and its features began to form, but I couldn’t find anything similar in Finland or from other sources, or even from the patent databases. The Original 3HGR was developed in 2013 and we've expanded our products portfolio to fulfil the needs of every hunter and MIL/LE professional. I’ve been an avid hunter for more than 25 years and I’ve served in the Finnish Defence Forces as a sniper instructor and also served 15 years in the Finnish Border Guard.

Our mission is to provide Premium slings for hunters, who dare to venture into the true wilderness.

Lauri Kakkonen, Treaper Oy / Ltd