The perfect sling for you

3HGR on monipuolinen ampumatuki

Tailor-Made solution

Over the years we’ve developed a wide experience in creating new innovations and manufacturing gun slings. We have also modified our existing products to meet the needs of our customers – it can be a matter of colour, sling swivels, length or other kind of tailoring to make the sling fit the user or the used gun perfectly.

3HGR on bipod-yhteensopiva

New innovations with years of experience

Now, we wish to open this service for everyone. We have a strong experience in developing and manufacturing products for hunters, sport shooters and MIL/LE professional users. Feel free to contact us if you have a need for a special sling for a special purpose. We promise to do our best to help you! In the best case we’re able to develop a brand-new product and we wish you to participate in this project.

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