3HGR Overberget - just like a normal gun sling, only better

3HGR Overberget

Improved usability

The 3HGR Overberget is the most traditional model of the 3HGR product family. However, we couldn't help adding a few extra features.

3HGR Overberget

Quick adjustment of lenght

The Overberget is assembled from two seperate straps and connected with a ladderlock buckle. This allows you to quickly tighten the sling against your body if you momentarily need to keep your hands free.

3HGR Overberget

Thumbhole loop

The construction also forms a loop under the shoulder padding that provides a thumbhole where you can rest your hand while stalking in the woods.

3HGR Overberget

Overberget loop

Especially when carried muzzle down, it is also possible to use the sling as Ching Sling type gun rest. Just place your support hand throught the loop and tighten the sling against your elbow.